50+ Final year College projects Idea 2019

  • Solid State Film to Video Transfer
  •   Subband Adaptive Equalisation of Time Varying Channels
  •   Torque measuring system for a hydraulic motor
  •   Ultrasonic tomographic reconstruction from diffracting sources
  •   Volume fraction analysis through image processing
  •   Windpower Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Power and Control
  •  GSM Control of a SmartHome Using a PSoC®
  •   High Power DC/DC Converter Automotive Applications
  •   High speed imaging of golf-ball impact
  •   HPC Implementation of WPM Symbol Error Analysis
  •   HVLV Bidirectional Converter
  •   Windpower Inverter
  •  A Carbon Dioxide Marking Laser
  •   A charge-pump bias control circuit for avalanche photodiodes
  •   A complete golf-swing analyser
  •   A Laser based anemometer
  •   An ultrasonic anemometer for Mars exploration
  •   Artefact Rejection in EEG signals
  •   Characterization of capacitive ultrasonic transducer MEMs
  •   Design and Development of a SCADA System for an Electrical Machine Test Rig
  •   Design of a Nitrogen Laser
  •   DSP-based Acceleration Measurement of Rotating Systems
  •   FIRA Mirosot robot soccer
  •   Implementation of Hodgekin-Huxlex Neuron Model in an Electronic Simulator
  •   Investigation of ZigBee® Sensor Network Platforms
  •   Mach-Zehnder interferometry of ultrasound in air
  •   On Line Real Time Energy Information System
  •   PIC-based control of a photon-counting detector
  •   Power Converter Modelling
  •   Reader/Writer Electronics for Commercial RFID Tags
  •   RFID Passport

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