100+ Computer Science Projects Idea for College Students

Data Warehousing and Data Mining Dictionary     Fuzzy Keyword Search in Cloud Computing over Encrypted Data     Web Based Online Blood Donation System     Web Based Graphical Password Authentication System     Identification and Matching of Robust-Face Name Graph for Movie Character     Controlling of Topology in Ad hoc Networks by Using Cooperative Communications     An SSL Back End Forwarding Scheme […]

Computer Science Project Ideas 2019

Voice based E-mail for the Blind     A Railway Anti-Collision System with Auto-Track Changing and Phis Plate Removal Sensing     Computer Folders ‘Security with a Bluetooth-Enabled Mobile Phone and Rinjdal Security Extension     Speech Stress Analysis based Cheap Lie Detector for Loyalty Test     Credit Card Reader with Face Recognition based on Webcam     Recognition of Hand Movement for Paralytic […]

Sensor Based Project Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students 2019

    Advanced Wireless Automatic Digital Pumping System for Agriculture using Soil Sensor 2.     Advanced Wireless Earth Quake Alarm System for Early Warning   3.   Temple Security System — Hi End Temple Security System with Frequency Jammer   4.  Integrate Intelligent Security System for Industrial Surveillance with WAP & Auto Dialer    5. Driver Fatigue Accident Prevention using Eye […]


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